Principal's Newsletter

February 2017

It is hard to believe it is the end of January.  We have 60 students enrolled for this school year.  I have already given tours since we have been back and will continue to give tours to interested families.

Our “Transition House” opened on December 7, 2016. The students are having classes in the house and are happy to have their own space. We received a grant from the Dr. Phillips Foundation for $47,000 for furniture so we will be shopping to furnish the house.

We are planning another Parent Information Night. This meeting will cover important information about our special students concerning SSI and other legal issues. Our school nurse will also speak and answer medical questions our parents may have. It will be in our Family Life Center from 6:00-7:00 on a date in February to be determined.  Complimentary child care will be provided.  You will be notified as soon as a date is determined.

We have divided the Primary class for reading and math to lower the ratio of teacher to student for those young ages. This will enable the teacher to individualize the curriculum in these areas for each student.

All of our classroom and individual therapy sessions are continuing to run smoothly. Mrs. Hunt will begin meeting with the parents again in the spring to assess the remaining therapy money and set goals for each student for the end of the year as well as for next year.

Student registration for next year will begin in March and we are planning on having it available online. This will make it easier for you as parents.

Please check your email for information on the Spring Bazaar and the Angel Walk. Both events should be lots of fun and a chance for families to socialize together and enjoy many fun activities.  Please send in your child’s change jar and assemble your “teams” for the Angel Walk.

San Pedro will be hosting a summer day camp the week of June 26-30 for all Morning Star students. I will be sending a flyer home with all of the information next week. Br Randell, former nurse at MSCS, is in charge of the camp and I know how much our students love him.

Thank you so much for you continued love and support of Morning Star Catholic School.

God Bless,

Sandra Cooney, Principal