Yearbook Ads

To commemorate a school year like no other, we are pleased to offer advertising pages in our 2020-2021 Yearbook.  It has been quite a few years since MSC last published a yearbook. With your help, this year’s special memento will be treasured by our students for years to come.

Use your yearbook ad to recognize a student, as a memorial, or to promote your business. You can also sponsor a yearbook for a student who may not be able to afford one for just $25. (If our Superhero School Sponsor saves the day, these donations will go towards Financial Aid for students.)  You can become this year’s Superhero Sponsor and give the gift of a yearbook to all MSC students, teachers, and staff!  Comes with two Page Adverting Spread AND additional Full Page Ad to address our students with a personal letter or message - contact Jessica Hubbard at [email protected] to secure your sponsorship or for more information.

$25 Sponsor one yearbook for one student
$50 ¼ Page Ad
$100 Half Page Ad
$20 Full Page Ad
$500 Two Page Ad Spread
$5,000 Superhero School Sponsor (One Available)
  • All ads will be due by March 26, 2021
  • Please provide a pdf or jpeg of your ad to [email protected]
  • If an ad needs to be created, email a description of the ad information you’d like and attach any images, logos, or a business card