Serving God's children with special needs since 1960.

About Us

Morning Star Catholic is the only school for special needs within the Diocese of Orlando. We are fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference, accept the McKay and Gardiner Scholarships, and serve students in grades K-12. 

All of the students we serve at Morning Star Catholic have a cognitive impairment that is generally combined with limitations in the adaptive skills needed to live, work, and play in the community. We serve students across the spectrum of special needs (general learning disabilities, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Epilepsy, Tourette’s Syndrome and Down’s Syndrome). We focus on individualized and differentiated instruction to meet each child where they are. Some students come to us to receive intervention services to then return to general education classes, while other students remain at Morning Star Catholic through graduation. 

Much of our 60 years of success is demonstrated in the product of our students. As our students vary significantly in ability, success is unique to each individual and can range drastically, from a student’s ability to carry on a conversation and maintain eye contact, to achieving academic success and retaining employment.